How To Get Free Facebook Ad Coupons and Vouchers

Facebook Ads couponCan you get free advertising on Facebook? Are there still free Facebook Ad coupons available? In this guide, we give you information on any Facebook Ad coupons available as well as other free advertising credits for places like Google Adwords and Bing Ads. Along with that information, we’ll also go over how to activate your voucher for free Facebook advertising credits once you get your code. Check out all of the information on getting your free advertising coupons below.

Free Advertising At Facebook? – Facebook now rarely gives out any free advertising coupons to customers. There are some codes floating around the web, but most of these are one-use only and expired.
Free Advertising From Google Adwords? – You can find credits available ranging from $25 to $100. You can also receive up to $150 in free credits when you take advantage of partner offers at places like web hosting companies.
Free Advertising From Bing Ads and Yahoo? – There are Bing Ads coupons available with $100 in free advertising when you spend $25. This is a limited time offer.
Free Advertising Credits Via Bluehost – If you sign up for a web hosting package at Bluehost you will receive $150 in free advertising credits from Google Adwords and Bing. The web hosting is around $5.95 per month and also comes with a free domain. So if you’re starting a new website and need some basic hosting to get started then this makes the most sense as the free advertising credits essentially pay for your year of hosting plus more.

Visit Bluehost For Free Advertising Credits

How To Activate Your Facebook Ad Coupon

Once you’ve received your coupon code you will need to activate it within your Facebook Ads account. Depending on if you’re a new advertiser or an existing advertising you’ll have to take different steps to claim your coupon. You can find the information below to claim your coupon if you’re a new advertiser and below that the information if you’re an existing advertiser.

New Advertiser Coupon Instructions

  1. In your Ad Manager click “Create Ad”
  2. After you click “Place Order” you will see a coupon code box at the checkout-type area
  3. Select Facebook Ad Coupon and put in your 16-digit coupon code that will be a combination of letters and numbers. Then add your payment method to set up your advertising campaign and receive your free advertising coupon.

Existing Advertisr Coupon Instructions

  1. Go to Billing and Payment methods section in Facebook Ads Manager
  2. Click “Edit Payment Methods” then next click “Add Payment Method”
  3. Select “Facebook Ad Coupon” and enter your 16-digit coupon code

What Happened To The Free Facebook Advertising Coupons

When new platforms get started they give incentives for certain groups such as small businesses to start using their advertising network. As they become more established they have less incentive to give out free advertising as they know businesses need to use their advertising platform to find customers. Facebook will still give out the occasional coupon code to certain groups, but for the most part, these coupons are no longer available.

Where Can You Still Find Facebook Ad Coupons?

Facebook Advertising coupons are rare. You can find some coupons through third-party companies who are essentially purchasing these credits as an incentive to buy their services such as web hosting companies and advertising tools. You can also find the occasional coupon code on websites, but many times these are one-use only and won’t work for your account unless you get lucky. This means that the best way to get a Facebook Ad coupon is to check this page for any major coupons being distributed or take advantage of the third-party deals we post. If you’re just starting with Facebook advertising then this can be a great way to get started and learn their system without having to put much money on the line at first.

Can You Still Get Free Google Adwords and Bing Ads Coupons?

As we mentioned previously, you can still find a lot of coupons available for both Google Adwords and Bing Ads. Some of these deals are offered on their websites along with the other offers requiring a purchase from a place like Bluehost that gives up to $150 in free advertising credits. Google Adwords usually has coupon codes that are physically mailed when you sign up for their other services like Google Local listings and so on.

Bing Ads has more deals available online with numerous free coupons for up to $100 off. We have an entire section dedicated to just the latest coupons and deals from Bing Ads. Some of their advertising credits come in the form of a code and others are simply activated by following a certain link.

If you have any questions about Facebook Ad coupons you can leave them below. We will do our best to keep this page updated with all of the latest coupons when they do come available as well as present any opportunities to purchase Facebook advertising credits at a discounted rate.

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