DirecTV Now Review – Packages, Pricing, and Pros/Cons

DirecTV NowIf you’re looking to cut your traditional cable then you’ll want to make sure that you pick a streaming service that works for you. In this DirecTV Now review, we look at all of the packages and channels available along with pricing and our take on the streaming service after using it for a month.

Quick Review: DirecTV Now is a very capable replacement for your traditional cable package or satellite services like DirecTV or Dish. There are a few downsides like a clunky guide and occasional buffering, but none of these are deal breakers. We’ve used DirecTV Now for streaming live shows and live sports and can recommend it to anyone looking for a live streaming service.
Website: (7-Day Free Trial + Deals)

DirecTV Now Packages and Pricing

DirecTV Now currently has four different packages with a mix of channels and prices. The entry-level and most popular package is their “Live A Little” package with over 60 channels with a price of $35 per month. This includes most of the major channels most need including ABC, CBS, ESPN, HGTV, NBC, Fox, CNN, Fox News and more. After the entry-level option, you have three other options that go up in price until you reach the “Gotta Have It” package with over 120 channels and a price of $70 per month.

  • Live A Little – 60+ Channels For $35 Per Month
  • Just Right – 80+ Channels for $50 Per Month
  • Go Big – 100+ Channels For $60 Per Month
  • Gotta Have It – 120+ Channels For $70 Per Month

Premium Channel Add-Ons:
You can add premium channels with any package for the prices below.

  • HBO – $5 per month
  • Cinemax – $5 per month
  • Showtime – $8 per month
  • Starz – $8 per month

This list is updated regularly as DirecTV Now changes their packages and pricing.

DirecTV Now Channels

In our opinion, the entry-level option should work for most customers. This package gives you most of your essential channels and doesn’t break the bank. As most looking for a cable alternative are trying to save money it doesn’t really make sense to splurge for a larger package such as the “Gotta Have It” unless there are specific channels you want that can’t be found in the other packages.

Another benefit of having a DirecTV Now subscription is that you can use it as your cable provider to access apps including Watch ESPN, HGTV and over 35 more. You can find the entire listing of channels on their website as some channels within each package change frequently.

Pros and Cons – Our Take On DirecTV Now


  • Good Pricing and Available Channel Packages – Most people that ditch their cable bundle do it because they’re looking to save money or they only need a few channels. DirecTV Now has a great entry-level package for only $35 that has almost every channel that most people watch. This makes it a true cable alternative that can help you save money and not be locked into some type of long contract.
  • Clear Channels – One thing that’s immediately noticeable is that the picture on every channel is very clear. When compared to our cable service, DirecTV Now looked much brighter and clearer.
  • Plenty Of Devices – DirecTV Now will stream on plenty of different devices. You can stream DirecTV Now from most browsers along with most Roku devices, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, iPad, Android Tablets, iPhone, Android Phones, and more. You can find the entire updated list of devices available on their website.


  • Occasionally Buffers – Even though their service has gotten much better than when it originally launched, you do get the occasional buffering. The buffering will depend on your internet connection and other factors, but the buffering usually only lasted a few seconds. It doesn’t matter at all when watching regular television, but if it would buffer during an important time in a sporting event then it could get annoying. Since this has been slowly improving since the launch I would guess that these problems will be nearly eliminated at some point.
  • Price Of Larger Packages – The entry-level package that has almost every channel most people need at a reasonable price. Once you get beyond the entry-level “Live A Little” package you start paying a higher premium per channel with many of these channels being secondary type channels. Many people ditch their cable to save money and even though the entry-level package does solve that problem, the other packages start getting expensive quickly.
  • Guide Can Be Clunky and Slow – The guide to find your channels is something that DirecTV Now needs to improve. They keep releasing new options that do help, but overall the guide can be very slow when switching channels and trying to find your favorite channels. Since you have to use the guide to find each channel, this can get old fast.
  • Only Two Concurrent Streams Per Subsciption – DirecTV Now only allows you to have two streams per account going at once. If you’re using this in a home for your family you’ll realize that two streams will be quickly taken up. A few competitors already offer more screens at once or unlimited screens so it would be nice to see DirecTV Now move towards allowing more streams at once.

We spent about a month using DirecTV Now as our main source of live TV. At first, we weren’t sure if it could be a complete replacement for cable, but as we continued using it we found that many features and options actually made it better than our current cable provider. There are times when it will buffer for a couple seconds and the guide to switch channels can get slow but this really isn’t a deal breaker.

Overall, DirecTV Now is a good cable alternative and one of the best live TV streaming services currently on the market. We currently recommend their “Live A Little” package with 60+ channels for $35 per month as the best plan if you’re purchasing their service.

Website: (Use this link to activate discounts and try free for 7-days)

DirecTV Now Promotions and Deals

We keep this section updated with any deals and promotions for DirecTV Now. These deals are available for new customers signing up for a new package. These deals in the past have included everything from free devices when you prepay, such as an Apple TV or Roku device, along with big discounts on the regular price of a plan for multiple months. Find all of the latest deals below (updated regularly).

3 Months For $10 Per Month – During this promotion, you’ll receive your first three months for only $10 per month. Follow the link provided to activate this offer. A promo code will pop up on their website to give you this discount at checkout.

Apple TV 4K When You Prepay For 3 Months – When you follow this link and prepay for 3 months of DirecTV Now service you’ll receive an Apple TV 4K with no additional charge. The device will be shipped once you’ve prepaid for your service. New customers only.

Amazon Fire TV When You Prepay One Month – When you prepay for only one month of DirecTV Now you can receive an Amazon Fire TV. This means you can prepay for one month of DirecTV Now for $35 and receive an Amazon Fire TV ($70 value) at no additional charge.

AT&T Customer Discounts (DirecTV Now For $10 Per Month) – If you’re an AT&T Wireless or AT&T Internet customer then you can get a big discount on DirecTV Now. They’re currently offering AT&T customers (with select plans) DirecTV Now for as low as $10 per month when you verify your account when signing up or within the profile area if you’re already signed up. Follow the link provided for more information on how you can receive this discount.

Do you have any questions, comments, or your own review of DirecTV Now? Leave those below. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have and figure out if this streaming service is right for you.

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