Deals for Switching To Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless Switching Deals
Switching to Verizon Wireless is easy and there’s usually some type of deal available when you switch. These deals can be for anything from paying all of your early termination fees to other promotions where you’ll receive double your trade-in value and more. The best deals usually come when switching from another wireless brand, so take advantage of these deals as you won’t be seeing discounts this big when you upgrade. You can find the latest deals below with a quick explanation on what you need to do to claim the deal.

Latest Deals For Switching

  • $650 Per Line To Switch – When you switch to Verizon Wireless during this promotion you will receive up to $650 per line to switch. You can switch from any other major wireless carrier and trade-in your phone to receive this deal. In order to receive this deal, you must trade-in your phone and port your number over. It seems like they’re still charging an activation fee and you must stay active for 6 months in order to receive your payment. This is still one of the best deals we’ve seen in awhile from Verizon to switch.
  • 24 Gigabytes of Bonus Data Per Year – When you sign up for a new data plan during this promotion you can get 24 gigabytes of free added data per year for the life of your plan. In order to receive this deal, you must activate or upgrade to an XL plan or larger. The data is broken down into 2 extra GB’s of data monthly. Find more information through the link provided.

Note: Almost all of these deals require you to trade in your phone from your previous service in order to take advantage of the paying of your early termination fees and more. There are some cases where you don’t have to have a trade-in, but in most cases they require you to in order to take advantage of some of the larger deals. Always read the fine print on these offers before taking advantage of the deal.

This page will be updated as we find more deals to switch. You can usually find many of these same deals on our Verizon promo codes page, but we go into more detail here how you can get the best deal along with information on any fine-print.

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