Deals For Switching To AT&T

Switching To AT&T Deals

Switching over to another wireless provider can be a huge hassle that can many times cost you pricey early termination fees and the cost of purchasing a new phone. If you’re thinking about switching over to AT&T Wireless from places such as Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile we can help you find deals for switching where you usually can save big money.

In the past, these deals for switching to AT&T have included bill credits, paid early termination fees, trade-in offers, coupons and much more. The deals we’ve seen are some of the best we’ve seen from wireless providers other than possibly T-Mobile who pays a little bit higher rate for switching. Before you switch over you should always check the coverage map on their website to make sure the coverage is good in your area. The great thing about AT&T is that they have great coverage just about everywhere as well as great deals to switch. Browse through the deals for switching below that we update from time-to-time.

Latest Deals for Switching To AT&T

  • Special: Up To $650 To Switch – for a limited time you can take advantage of this special offer to receive up to $650 in credits to switch to AT&T from all of the major carriers. This deal is only available for a short period of time and can be combined with other select promotions as noted on the page through this link.
  • Up To $300 In Credits Per Line – continue through the link to find more about this offer to receive up to $300 per line when you switch to AT&T and trade in your old smartphone. This includes a price for your phone along with a $100 bill credit for switching.
  • $100 Bill Credit For Switching – when you switch to AT&T from Verizon Wireless, Sprint, or T-Mobile you can receive a $100 bill credit as well as other coupons on phones.
  • Sign Up For Special Offers – when you go through the link and sign up with your email you will instantly receive the full list of special offers.
  • all other deals from AT&T

This is an updating deal post. We will add new deals as we receive them to help you save when switching over from another wireless provider to AT&T Wireless.

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