DEAL: Verizon Offering 2GB’s of Free Data On XL and XXL Plans

Verizon Wireless 2GB Free Data

Verizon Wireless is offering yet another deal on data to receive 2 GB’s free added on to any XL or XXL plan. These are the larger data plans from Verizon that include an XL plan at 12GB for $80 and an XXL plan at 18 GB at $100. This promotion will add an extra 2 gigabytes of data each month on to the already large amount of data within these plans. These plans include unlimited text and talk like all other Verizon plans.

Along with these data deal, you can also take advantage of their latest deal to switch which is up to $650 per line. This can be combined with the free data deal along with other promo codes for individual cell phones.

You must activate a new plan or upgrade with a new line in order to receive this free data. Continue through the link below to find more details on this offer and activate this deal. No word on when this data deal will expire.

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