Employee Discounts from Verizon Wireless

January 2, 2014

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Find employee discounts for Verizon by using their employee discounts tool to see if your employer has any type of discounts available for your Verizon Wireless plan. These employee discounts cover many major corporations like Walmart, Comcast, and McDonald’s plus even some medium and small businesses. Check the tool to figure out if you are eligible for an employee discount. These discounts can include up to 25% off your monthly plan as well as discounts on phones and accessories depending on the employer.

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  • editor February 23, 201410:17 am

    You can find all of the latest employee discounts for Verizon Wireless by checking out the list on our blog section. The list is long and includes over 100 different schools, employers, and members-only clubs such as AAA and AARP. They also have a search function currently available on their website where you can find these discounts that range from 15% to 50% off.


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