Chase Ink Plus vs. Chase Ink Bold Comparison

Chase Ink Bold vs. Chase Ink Plus Business Comparison

Finding the right business credit card or charge card is a big decision. If you’re making a lot of purchases, you want to have a card that handles everything you need plus has a solid rewards program and other features/perks. If you’ve narrowed your choices down to the Chase Ink set of business credit cards then you’re going to want to narrow it down even further until you can find the perfect card for your small business.

As we compare the Chase Ink Plus and Chase Ink Bold you will notice that for the most part they are the same. There are a few pros and cons to each that we will discuss but as far as perks, features, and rewards they are nearly identical. The major difference between the two is that the Ink Plus is a credit card and the Ink Bold is the charge card version. Find the full comparison of the two cards below along with details on the rewards program (Chase Ultimate Rewards) that is available with both cards. Leave your comments, questions, and reviews in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Chase Ink Plus Quick Overview
The Chase Ink Plus is a business credit card from chase that offers rewards along with many business-specific features including free employee cards and receipt tagging/filing. The card has a $95 annual fee which is waived for the first year along with a 15.24% variable APR. There are numerous rewards on this card for travel and cash back with up to 5x points per dollar for business-type expenses. Other features include no foreign transaction fees, trip cancellation insurance, auto collision damage waiver for rental cars, and purchase protection. Since the Ink Plus is a credit card it doesn’t require that the balance is paid each month but you are then subject to limits and interest among other fees.

Chase Ink Bold Quick Overview
The Chase Ink Bold is a charge card within the Ink Business cards that’s packed with the same features as the Ink Plus as mentioned above. Being a charge card this means that your total balance must be paid off at the end of each month and you cannot carry a balance. Unlike the Ink Plus, which is a credit card, there is no set spending limit and the limit depends on various factors as explained on their website. As previously mentioned, the rewards for the cards including the current 50,000 bonus is the same for both cards.

Rewards Comparison

chase ultimate rewardsAs of right now the rewards for both of the cards is exactly the same. This means that you receive 5x points per $1 on office supplies, cell phone bills, landline, internet, cable, and a few other business services. You also receive 2x points per $1 on hotels and gas along with 1x points per $1 on all other purchases with no limit amount.

These points then can be used in a numerous amount of ways, including booking travel through the Chase Ultimate Rewards platform where you can receive 20% off hotels, flights, car rentals, and cruises. If you’re not wanting to book your travel through the Chase platform then they also have 1:1 points transfers to most of the popular travel loyalty programs including Southwest Rapid Rewards, IHG Rewards Club, Hyatt Gold Passport, Marriott Rewards, United Mileage Plus and more.

Aside from the travel rewards you can redeem your points in other including cash back, gift cards from popular retailers, shop directly with your points on Amazon, or use the points to purchase a Chase Experience. There are some restrictions to a few of the redemption options but for the most part there are very few restrictions when compared to other rewards programs in the past. As of right now there’s an ongoing bonus to receive 50,000 bonus points when you spend at least $5,000 within the first three months of having your card. More information on this bonus can be found on the Chase Ink website.

Which Card Is Right For Your Business?
After you’ve figured out the basics then you need to figure out which card is right for your business. Every business is unique so getting the right card is a decision that only you as the business owner can make for your business. There are hundreds of factors at play when choosing the right card but since the major difference between the cards is that one is a credit and other charge card that will probably be the largest factor. If you’re a business that would like to keep a balance on the card then the Ink would more than likely be the better choice than a business who doesn’t want a set limit and will pay the card off each month.

Have questions or comments? Get into the discussion below by asking a specific question or giving your own take or review of the credit cards discussed.

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    We will continue to update this comparison with any new information about these cards. These cards are both ranked as top cards for small businesses and startups. There are very few differences between the two. If you have any questions about either one of these business credit cards you can ask them here in the comments.


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