Free Cell Phone Deals and $0 Down Offers

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$0 Down Deals on the iPhone

Find $0 down deals from AT&T on the latest versions of the iPhone with free shipping also included. These deals should be available to most customers who purchase with a data plan. Other deals available for a free iPhone with a 2-year agreement are available.


Free Samsung Galaxy S6

When you open a new line at Sprint you can receive the Galaxy S6 for free with the Unlimited Plus Plan. Free shipping and other deals also included. Check page for full details on this limited time offer.


Free iPhone 5C

Purchase a qualifying wireless plan at AT&T to get the iPhone 5C for free. This offer also includes free shipping along with other discounts on wireless plans available. Continue through the link to find more information on this free iPhone deal. This sale ends soon.


Free Samsung Galaxy S4

Get the Samsung Galaxy S4 for free for a limited time with this deal. A 2-year contract is required to take advantage of this offer. Expires soon.


Free LG G Vista

Get the large 5.7-inch LG G Vista Android smartphone from Verizon for free when you put in the promo code provided. This deal is only available through this month and will expire on October 31st. It does come with free overnight shipping and does require a two year agreement.


Free Apple iPhone 4S

Get the iPhone 4s from Apple for free with a new 2-year agreement from AT&T. The popular Apple smartphone will ship for free with "express shipping." Continue through the link to find more information on this deal.


Free Phone with 2-Year Activation

Get a free phone, such as a new Android smartphone, when you activate a new phone with a 2-year agreement. The free phones change regularly so check the free phone deals page on their website through the link to see the latest.


iPhone 5C for Free

Get the iPhone 5C for free when you switch a new number over to Sprint and activate a new qualifying 2-year wireless plan. Includes all of the various colors of the iPhone 5C as well as storage options. Check the page for full details on how you can claim your $100 off coupon and use it towards the iPhone. No code is required.


Motorola Moto X for Free

Get the Motorola Moto X for free when you switch to AT&T. This is for new customers who are signing up for a new 2-year agreement with activation.


Droid MAXX

Get the Droid MAXX for free from Verizon to make sure that you never run out of battery with one of the longest lasting batteries in any smartphone today. This phone is free with new 2-year agreement or an eligible upgrade. You can find all of the specs about this Android phone on the website.


Moto X

Get the Moto X Android phone for free from Sprint with a 2-year agreement or other eligible wireless plan. Free shipping is also included with this offer along with select discounts on wireless plans.

Unreliable Coupons

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LG G3 Free from Verizon

When you sign up for a new 2-year agreement or eligible upgrade you can get the LG G3 for free. Free overnight shipping is also included in this deal. This free phone offer is only available for a limited time.


Free Droid Ultra + $100 Bill Credit

Get the Droid Ultra for free plus receive a $100 bill credit with 2-year activation. Free overnight shipping included. This is only a limited time offer for this Android phone that will expire on March 31st.


Free Moto X with Coupon Code

Use the promo code to activate this deal in which you can get the Motorola Moto X for free with a new 2-year activation. The Moto X is a popular Android phone with numerous features and good reviews. Deal expires soon.


Free Droid Ultra

Get a free Motorola Droid Ultra for free with a 2-year agreement. Save big and get this Android smartphone for free with a new 2-yr activation. No promo code required.


Free HTC One

Take advantage of this deal to get the HTC One (M7) for free with a new 2-year activation or eligible upgrade. You can get more information on this phone including features, specs, reviews and more through the link. Free shipping is included.


Free LG Revere 2

Use the coupon code provided to get the LG Revere 2 for free with a 2-year contract activation. Overnight shipping included.

Free Cell Phones from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile

Find all of the latest free cell phone offers on this page from leading wireless providers such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Sprint among many others. These deals do require some type of contract but you won’t have to put any type of money up for the phone at the time of purchase other than for your wireless agreement, activation, and any other fees. These free phones can include popular phones such as the iPhone along with free Android and Windows phones from brands such as Samsung, LG, HTC and more. Aside from the wireless carriers we will also list free phone deals here from retailers like Amazon and Best Buy when they have these types of offers available. Search for all of the free phone deals and coupons above or continue to our more detailed guide on how to get your phones at no cost below.

Verizon Free Phone Deals – Verizon Wireless always has a good selection of promotions and deals going on with the occasional offer on free phones. As wireless carriers switch to leasing options you are finding less and less of these deals. Verizon still has a decent selection of free phone offers with some deals for free iPhone’s and other popular phones when you purchase on a new 2-year contract. Aside from those deals you can always find a selection of $0 down offers when getting a new phone through Verizon Edge.

AT&T Free Phone Deals – AT&T has cut down on their free phones recently, but you can still find some offers available on less popular phones. These phones are usually cheaper Android phones, but you can still find the occasional deal for a free older generation iPhone. When looking for a free or cheap phone through AT&T you may be better off looking at their AT&T Next purchase option instead of a 2-year contract. If you still just want a free phone on-contract then click the box on the left side of the page once you go to their shop section that says “free phones.”

Sprint Free Phone Deals – Sprint usually has some of the best free phone offers out of the major wireless carriers. They usually have a lot of great deals going on that can be combined with these offers when you sign up for a new 2-year contract. In the past, we’ve featured deals for free iPhones along with other popular Android phones from Samsung, LG, HTC and more. If you’re not looking to sign up for a contract then you can also find many $0 down offers available through the Sprint lease program.

T-Mobile $0 Down Deals – T-Mobile does their services differently so as of right now there are no deals available for free phones since they don’t do 2-year contracts. You can still find many offers to get popular phones for $0 down, which means you won’t pay anything on the phone the day of purchase. You will then make a monthly payment on the phone. In the past, they’ve had these offers for many popular phones including the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Galaxy Note series. You aren’t going to be finding any free offers, but there are still dozens of phones with the “$0 down” tag.

If you still can’t find the deal you want then check out some of our free phone pages that are specific to select wireless carriers. The selection may be different on these pages as we just try to feature the best of the best on this page.