Boost Mobile Announces Growing Data Plan Along with Unlimited Pricing

Boost Mobile Growing Data Plan

Boost Mobile has announced a new Growing Data Plan where the amount of high-speed data you receive each month will go up as you make your payments on time instead of having to pay more. The growing data plan works by starting at whichever amount of high-speed data you choose, then as you make your payments on time they will increase your amount of data with a cap of up to 8GB depending on where you start with your data plan.

The increase in your monthly data won’t start until three on-time payments and then is capped at your maximum earning after 18 on-time payments. In order to receive some of the perks of growing data you must have your auto-boost from Boost Mobile turned on, the auto-boost simply pays your bill each month automatically instead of manually paying. We’ve detailed some of the growing data plans below, but a lot of it will depend on exactly where you start with your plan.

Growing Data Plan Pricing and Examples

(all plans have unlimited talk and text)

Start with the Unlimited Plan for $60

If you’re someone who wants all of your high-speed data from the start to be unlimited then you can take advantage of their new pricing on unlimited plans as well. At Boost Mobile, you will always have unlimited data and you pay for the amount of high-speed data that you need. The unlimited plan will give you unlimited high-speed data through the Sprint Network for $60 per month. You can receive some discounts on your plan if you continue to pay your bill on time each month which makes it one of the lowest prices for unlimited plans currently available. You can find more information on the Boost Mobile website.

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