Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $50

Portable Bluetooth Speaker
The majority of people looking for a small portable Bluetooth speaker are looking for something that’s good quality but still under $50. In this guide, we take a look at numerous budget-friendly speakers and reviews to help you find the best Bluetooth speakers for under $50. The guide should help you find the speakers with the best overall value where you’ll be getting a good product without having to pay a premium price. We give you a list of the top speakers as well as break down what you need to look for with everything from battery life and audio quality to the best prices.

AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speaker

AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Black
The AmazonBasics portable Bluetooth speaker is the most popular portable Bluetooth speaker party because it’s made by Amazon and also because it’s one of the best values. The speaker comes in at around $50 exactly with free shipping always available. One of the major selling points of this speaker is that it’s one of the largest and loudest of the portable speakers. You can get around 15 hours of play before you need to recharge using a simple cable. The speaker has over 1,000 reviews on Amazon with a nearly perfect 5 star rating as of the time of this buying guide.
Purchase: $49

S-Cannon Wireless Stereo Portable Bluetooth

S-Cannon Wireless Stereo Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Handsfree Speakerphone
The S-Cannon Bluetooth speaker by Roker is the cheapest we have in our listing. It’s about as cheap as you can get with a portable speaker that still has good reviews. Your getting 3W speakers which means you’ll still be getting some big sound out of the small but sturdy build. The only downside is

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Black Friday iPhone Deals for 2015 from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile

iPhone 6s Black Friday
You can find our entire guide on this page to all of the Black Friday deals and sales for the iPhone. We have all of the sales available from major wireless providers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile as well as other stores that have deals including Best Buy, Walmart and more. We’re expecting a lot of great deals on the iPhone this year with a mix of deals for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus along with the majority of the deals being for older versions of the phone. You can view the latest deals below to help you save on the world’s most popular phone.

Latest Deals and Sales for 2015

  • Coming Soon: We will be updating this section as deals are released.

What iPhone Deals We Expect For Black Friday

We expect to see a decent amount of deals on Black Friday through Cyber Monday that include the iPhone. The deals will probably be a mix of sales on the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus along with accessories for the iPhone and older models of the iPhone such as the 6 and 5s. We’re expecting to see big discounts on the older versions of the phone when you purchase through their leasing programs or with a 2-year contract. We’re not expecting to see a lot of deals on the newest version of the iPhone unless you’re trading in an old phone or switching over to a different wireless carrier.

We will be posting any sales we see from the major wireless providers that include Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile the second they become available for us to release. There should also be a few deals mixed in from places like Best Buy, Walmart, and the Apple Store. You can find all of the deals above or leave us a comment or question below. We will do our best to quickly respond to any questions about these deals you may have to help you save some money on your iPhone.

If you’re interested in these sales then you may want to check out our other Black Friday sales pages for Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

T-Mobile Black Friday Ad 2015: Sales, Deals, and Coupons

T-Mobile Black Friday

T-Mobile always has a lot of great deals available for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In the past, they’ve had awesome deals available for their plans as well as the iPhone and Android phones. Most of their deals on Black Friday are for accessories just like the other wireless providers, but they usually end up having the biggest discounts on individual phones. You can find all of the deals as they are released on this page along with a guide and tips on how you can get the most out of this sale. Find the latest deals below from their Black Friday ad.

T-Mobile Black Friday Deals for 2015

  • $100 Off Select Phones – get $100 off select phones in this web-only deal for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The list of phones can change throughout the entire day, so keep checking back to this page or simply go through the link to see which phones are eligible for the $100 discount.
  • Free Tablet with Data Plan Purchase – purchase a data plan for a tablet and receive a free tablet courtesy of T-Mobile. You can find more information on this deal through the link as well as what tablets are currently free.
  • $80 off Samsung Galaxy S5 + Free car charger ($35 value) – Receive a free car charger and $80 off the Samsung Galaxy S5.
  • $75 off LG G4 + Free headset ($30 value) – When you purchase the LG G4 you will receive $75 off the regular retail price along with a free headset. Free shipping is also included.
  • $0 upfront on Fitbit Flex & Charge HR + Free Shipping – Get this popular activity tracker for $0 down when you finance it through T-Mobile online. You will also receive free shipping.
  • $75 Off Note 4 – $75 off the retail price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 along with free shipping. Can be combined with other accessory deals for this phone.
  • iPhone 6s For $0 Down + Free Shipping – When you purchase an iPhone 6s with a data plan from T-Mobile you can get the phone for $0 down.
  • iPhone 6s Plus for $0 Down + Free Shipping – Just like the financing offer for the iPhone 6s, you’ll be able to receive a iPhone 6s Plus for $0 down when you qualify. Find more information through any of the links on this page.

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$70 Off iPad Mini 2 at Walmart During Pre-Black Friday Sale

iPad Mini 2 Walmart

Walmart is doing a pre-Black Friday sale in which they’re offering a rare discount on the iPad Mini 2. For a limited time, they have the iPad Mini 2 on sale with a $70 discount along with free shipping. This knocks the price of the 16GB WiFi version down to just $199. This is the most popular version of the iPad Mini sold on the Walmart website, but if you’re looking for another storage option or an iPad Mini with a data plan they also have big discounts.

This sale is part of their pre-Black Friday sales leading up to the end of the month’s major sale. Along with the deal on the iPad Mini 2 they also have big discounts on TV’s, small appliances, Xbox One, PS4, and many other popular products within their electronics section. The iPad Mini 2 discount will be available for a limited time with

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$50 Visa Rewards Card With Android Phone Purchase At AT&T

AT&T Visa Rewards Card
AT&T has just released one of their latest deals leading up to the holiday shopping season where you can get a $50 rewards card. They’re currently offering a $50 Visa rewards card with the purchase of any new Android phone purchased through their AT&T Next purchasing option. AT&T Next means that you’re essentially financing your phone and will pay a small monthly payment for the phone, but the best part is you can usually find a much cheaper data plan than when you purchase the phone with a 2-year contract. In order to receive your $50 Visa rewards card.

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Free Overnight Shipping at Verizon Wireless Throughout November

Free Overnight Shipping Deal

Throughout the entire holiday shopping season, Verizon Wireless is offering free overnight shipping on all purchases in their online store. This means that no matter if you’re purchasing an iPhone or one of the many other phones or tablets you’ll get your product shipped overnight completely free. The great thing about this deal is that it can be combined with other coupons such as their popular $50 off select phones offer that’s still valid. They also have dozens of other deals currently available for just about every phone on the market as well as discounts on plans and trade-in offers.

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Verizon Black Friday Ad 2015: Deals, Sales, and Coupons

Verizon Black Friday Ad

Verizon Wireless always has some great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Their deals usually start on Thanksgiving Day and will run through the entire weekend ending on midnight during Cyber Monday. On this page, you can find the Verizon Black Friday ad and sales available for 2015 to help you save big on phones, plans, and accessories sold through their website. We will keep you up to date on their online deals as well as any special promotions available in-store. Browse through the deals below and keep posted as we keep updating the deals to help you get big discounts on their popular products and services.

Verizon Black Friday Deals and Sales for 2015

Verizon Black Friday Advertisement 2015

  • $100 Off Android Phones – Get $100 off the retail price of most Android phones sold through their website. You’re still also eligible for up to $300 in trade-in credits when you sell back your old phone when purchasing.
  • $50 Off Parrot AR Drone – You will receive an instant discount of $50 off the Parrot AR Drone when you purchase in-store or online during Black Friday through Cyber Monday.
  • $50 Off Beats Solo2 wireless on-ear headphones – The Beats Solo2 headphones will be $50 off throughout the weekend. Free shipping is also included on most purchases.
  • $300 Back To Use Towards iPhone 6s – When you trade in your old phone you can get up to $300 in credits to use towards the purchase of an iPhone 6s.
  • $50 Off Mophie Powerstation – You can find a $50 off sale on the Mophie Powerstation to make sure your phone is always charged up. This is one of the largest discounts we’ve seen on this battery from Mophie.
  • Free Overnight Shipping – Receive free overnight shipping on all phone purchases as well as select accessories throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • Get $500 when you switch, trade in your smartphone & buy the Samsung GS6 – When you switch to Verizon Wireless from another wireless provider and trade in your existing cell phone you can get up to $500. You must also purchase the new Samsung Galaxy S6 in order for this promotion to be valid. You can find more information through the link.

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Doorman – Never Miss A Delivery Again with On-Demand Delivery Services

Doorman On-Demand Delivery App
If you’ve ever missed a package because you weren’t home you know the frustration. Now with most people shopping online and free shipping services like Amazon Prime and ShopRunner there are many people who get dozens of package per month while they’re at work or on vacation. Doorman is solving the problem of missed package deliveries to make sure that you never have to worry about a package delivery again.

Doorman is an on-demand package delivery service that works by having you send your packages you purchase online straight to their warehouse instead of to your home. You can then schedule a delivery through their app for a time when you’re home. They will deliver your package 7 days a week from 6pm until midnight. This is ideal for things like wine, perishables, or

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Sprint Black Friday 2015 Ad Deals: Best Black Friday Deals From Sprint


The 2015 Black Friday Ad for Sprint hasn’t been released yet, but we will share the ad as well as all of the deals here the second it’s released. The Black Friday deals from Sprint usually include a variety of deals on Android phones and plans as well as a few deals for the iPhone. The best discounts usually come in the form of accessories such as Bluetooth speakers, cases and so on. You can check out a mix of the best deals they had last year below as you wait for the deals to become available on this page.

Sprint Black Friday Deals For 2015

  • Coming Soon

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DEAL: 50% Off Fitbit One And Fitbit Zip At AT&T With Coupon

Fitbit Deal AT&T

The Fitbit rarely goes on sale so finding discounts of 50% off the regular price of the Fitbit One and Fitbit Zip is an awesome deal. AT&T currently has a coupon available for 50% off the Fitbit One and Zip in the accessories section of their store for a limited time. When you purchase either one of those Fitbit products at their regular price you can put in the coupon code FITBIT50 at checkout to receive an instant 50% discount. Along with this discount, you will also receive free shipping without having to

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Deal: 30% Off Beats Solo2 Headphones

Beats Solo2 Headphones AmazonIf you’re a fan of Beats headphones or over-the-ear headphones in general then you may be interested in this deal from Amazon. Amazon has a heavily discounted the price of the Beats Solo2 headphones at 30% off their regular price along with free shipping. This is one of the lowest prices we’ve seen so far on these headphones as most retailers don’t discount these much less than their $199 original price.

The headphones are

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Deals For Switching To AT&T From Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile

Switching To AT&T Deals

Switching over to another wireless provider can be a huge hassle that can many times cost you pricey early termination fees and the cost of purchasing a new phone. If you’re thinking about switching over to AT&T Wireless from places such as Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile we can help you find deals for switching where you usually can save

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Boost Mobile Announces Growing Data Plan Along with Unlimited Pricing

Boost Mobile Growing Data Plan

Boost Mobile has announced a new Growing Data Plan where the amount of high-speed data you receive each month will go up as you make your payments on time instead of having to pay more. The growing data plan works by

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AT&T Black Friday Deals Ad 2015 – Best Black Friday Deals from AT&T

Find all of AT&T’s Black Friday Deals here with the ad for 2015 which should include a large selection of great deals that you can take advantage of online as well as in-store. You should expect a few great deals on Android phones as well as possibly a deal on the iPhone with phone trade-in or by switching over to AT&T from another wireless provider. If last year’s deals are any indication, you should see the best deals being within their accessories category. This means awesome deals on Bluetooth speakers, cases, and smartwatches.

AT&T Black Friday Deals and Sales for 2015

  • Coming Soon: We will update these sales as they become available.

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Sprint Raises Price On Unlimited Plan to $70 Per Month

Sprint Store
Sprint’s most popular offering is their individual unlimited data plan where everything from minutes and messages to data is completely unlimited. If you’re looking to get this plan, you may want to act fast as the price on their unlimited plans will be going up to $10 per month starting later this month. The current individual unlimited data plans are set at $60 per month, but as of October 16 they will be going up in price to

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Free ASUS MeMO Pad 7 from AT&T

Memo Pad 7 Tablet

If you’re looking for a cheap tablet then it doesn’t get much cheaper than a free Asus MeMO Pad 7 through AT&T. In order to get the MeMo Pad, you must sign up for a 2-year agreement for a data plan which can be combined with any other phones you have through AT&T. The 7-inch

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iPhone 6s for $1 Per Month from Sprint

iPhone 6s Sprint
Sprint has been on a roll lately with deals for the new iPhone 6s. Their latest deal, offering the iPhone 6s for $1 per month, is the best deal on the iPhone that we’ve seen so far. This deal will give you an iPhone 6s for only $1 per month when you

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InkCase I6 – The E Ink Case for the iPhone

InkCase i6

Checking things regularly like weather and push notifications can run your iPhone’s battery down quickly. The InkCase I6 brings protection and convenience while also helping you conserve your battery with their E-Ink case for the iPhone. The case gives basic protection of your phone with a simple snap-on design. The always-on e-ink display will give you up-to-date information on everything from weather and stocks to your emails, news, to-do lists, calories burned and many other customizable options. Aside from just getting your notifications, you can also

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Samsung No Payments Promotion: Switch To Samsung Galaxy For No Payments

Samsung Phones
As millions around the world are buying the new iPhone, Samsung has announced a promotion in which they will pay all of your phone payments for one year when you switch to a Samsung Galaxy model phone. The Samsung No Payments promotion works by paying all of your payments for one year on a lease plan when you purchase a Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+ or Galaxy Note5. This means that when you take advantage of purchasing a phone through a lease program like AT&T Next or other similar plans from major carriers they will

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50% More Data Deal On Select Plans at AT&T

More Data Deal AT&T
It’s not often that you find deals to receive 50% more data on your monthly plan, but this offer from AT&T does exactly that. AT&T currently has a deal available for 50% more data on select plans to give you more data at a low price. Currently the only plan eligible for this promotion is the 10GB per month plan which is now available at 15GB of

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Sprint Plans – Comparison, Reviews, and Deals

Sprint Wireless Plan Guide by WalletHero

In recent years, Sprint has been one of the wireless carriers to innovate the most on their plans. This includes having plans specific to the iPhone, as well as keeping their unlimited data plans for individuals. In this guide, we break down all of the popular Sprint plans with comparisons and reviews of each plan available. We also keep an updated section of deals and discounts for their plans. Browse through our guide below to help you choose the right plan and get more information about all of the data plans from Sprint.

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T-Mobile iPhone 6s Deal: $125 Discount + $20 Per Month Payment

T-mobile iphone 6s

T-Mobile announced a deal this morning that is the best deal we’ve seen so far for the new iPhone 6s. They’re currently offering a $125 discount on the total price of the iPhone 6s along with a lifetime guarantee that you will be satisfied with their wireless coverage. This means that after you claim your $125 discount you will only be paying a total price of $524 on their 18-month JUMP plan. This works out to a monthly payment of

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Free Overnight Shipping from T-Mobile On Certified Pre-Owned Phones and Tablets

T-Mobile CPO Overnight Shipping

T-Mobile is currently offering a deal to get free overnight shipping on all purchases of certified pre-owned phones and tablets. This means that you can get free overnight shipping on any CPO phone or tablet purchase including the iPhone, iPad, Samsung smartphones and more. There’s no

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Sprint Offers DirecTV Customers A Free Year Of Service

Sprint DirecTV Free promotion

Sprint announced today that they will be offering a free year of their wireless service to current DirecTV customers. This means that if you’re a DirecTV customer or just signing up for their satellite service you can receive 12 months of Sprint’s service at no cost to you at all. They’re offering a year free with unlimited talk, text, and 2 GB’s of high-speed data monthly. The regular price of a comparable individual plan, such as the one offered for free, will run you around $50 per month. There are still some other fees that you may run into with this promotion such as a one-time $36 activation fee and some surcharges/taxes. You also must bring your own device or lease one directly from Sprint. They will buy out your current wireless contract up to

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Sprint’s iPhone Forever Plan Review: Is It A Good Deal?

There seems to be a new wireless plan promotion hitting the market every few weeks with most offering the same thing packaged in a different way. Sprint has gone in an opposite direction to give the majority of customers exactly what they want with a simple plan that will give you unlimited data for one low price. The iPhone Forever Plan from Sprint gives makes sure you always have the newest iPhone along with a simple data plan where you can get unlimited data or share data in a family plan. In this guide, we review the iPhone Forever Plan and give you

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T-Mobile Jump On Demand Review: How It Works

Jump On Demand from T-Mobile

Getting stuck with a phone you don’t like or that’s outdated is a huge problem. Jump On Demand by T-Mobile is looking to fix this by giving you the option to upgrade multiple times per year with no minimum wait time or upgrade fee. This new program is yet another feature T-Mobile is adding to their arsenal to try to differentiate themselves from competitors such as Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. This program is perfect for anyone who gets bored with their phones easily or likes to simply have the latest and greatest phone. Read our quick review of Jump On Demand and guide to how

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Verizon Wireless Plans – Comparison, Reviews, and Deals

Verizon Wireless Plans Review by WalletHero

The new Verizon Wireless plans slogan is “One Plan, Four Sizes, Simple.” In our review of the available Verizon plans, we give you a review of their available plans as well as which plan is probably right for you. Even though the plans have been simplified from the past when there were dozens of choices, these plans can still get complicated in pricing when you add in multiple devices.

On this page, you can find a mix of our expert reviews on Verizon’s cell phone and tablet plans as well as any deals available and pricing of these plans. We will do our best to keep this page updated with the latest information on these plans to help you figure out which plan is right for you. If you still can’t decide on a plan or can’t find a deal then leave your comments and questions at the bottom of this page.

Reviews of Verizon Wireless Plans Available

Verizon Cell Phone Plans Image
As we previously mentioned, all of Verizon’s plans are given names that go from small to extra-large depending on the data. There are a few changes between the plans that we will explain, but overall it all depends on how much data you use each month on your devices. All of their plans come with unlimited minutes and text messages. You can also upgrade or downgrade your package at any time as well as purchase more data for just that month. Browse through our review of the latest options below.

S Plans (1GB) – $30 Per Month

The small plan is best for those who rarely use their data each month. One gigabyte of data will go very quickly no matter if you’re just using the phone for checking email or doing more data intensive things like streaming video such as Netflix. This plans should only be used by individuals who really don’t use their data much at all. Find more info >

M Plans (3GB) – $45 Per Month

The medium plan is best for individual users who don’t use a lot of data each month, but still want some data to be able to check emails, check social media, and stream music while outside of their WiFi. This plan should be plenty for most individual users who use an average amount of data, but probably isn’t great for a large family. Find more info >

L Large (6GB) – $60 Per Month

The large plan is right in the sweet spot for most individuals who use a lot of data as well as families who use an average amount of data each. You receive 6GB’s of data each month along with unlimited messages and minutes. This plan should work for most users other than large families or those who are using their data constantly. Out of all of the data plans from Verizon, this is the plan we would recommend for most customers. Find more info >

XL Plans (12GB) – $80 Per Month

The extra large plan is best for those individuals and families who use a lot of data. This is perfect for someone who is always consuming data by streaming videos or those who are sharing data with a lot of different people (such as a small business or large family). This plan will be more than enough data for most power-users and families. Find more info >

Deals Available for Verizon Plans

  • Up To $300 When You Switch – If you’re signing up for a new Verizon Wireless plan and coming from another wireless provider you may be eligible for up to $300 in credits. Continue through the link to find more information on this promotion.
  • $50 Off Select Phones – When leasing your phone from Verizon you can get up to $50 off select phones by putting in the promo code VZWDEAL at checkout. Some restrictions apply.
  • $0 Down On Select Phones – You can find numerous phones, including the iPhone, at $0 down when you lease directly through Verizon Wireless. Continue through the link to see which phones are available.

Verizon Wireless Plans for Tablets

You can add a tablet to any of the plans that we’ve reviewed above. In order to add your tablet, you must have an eligible device and then add this device to your plan. Each device added whether it’s a phone or tablet will be extra on your bill along with some activation fees. You can also purchase an individual plan just for your tablet instead of adding the device onto your cell phone plan.

Does Verizon Offer Unlimited Data Plans?

As of right now, Verizon Wireless does not offer any type of unlimited data plan. They do offer many shared data plans with larger data amounts than we discussed here which make your plan pretty much unlimited. These plans for larger amounts of data include 80GB’s and 100GB’s of data, but their prices start at $600 per month. This means that these plans are made for small businesses and not so much for individuals. You can still find large data plans that should fit your needs if you don’t see the plan reviewed on this page.

Which Plan Is Right For You?

Finding the right plan for you depends on how much data you use. In the past, there were dozens of different plan combinations with minutes, text, and data but now it all just comes down to your shared data. Verizon doesn’t have any unlimited plans available so if you’re a heavy data user and like to stream videos/music as well as use your phone as a mobile hotspot then you should probably go with the large or extra large plan. If you’re using the plan for a family then I wouldn’t go with anything below the large plan. For individuals who use an average amount of data you should be looking at the medium plan or possibly the large plan, especially if you’re going to be adding any other devices in the future. The small plan seems to only really work for those who are mostly on WiFi and rarely use their data because in today’s world 1GB can go very fast.

As we noted before, these plans can be upgraded or downgraded at any time so really you don’t have a large commitment if you find out later on that you need more or less data than your current plan. If you’re changing to these new plans or looking to switch to Verizon, you should check out our deals above to help you save on these plans as well as phones.

If you have any questions, reviews, or comments about these plans feel free to leave them below. We will do our best to answer any questions you have about Verizon Wireless plans.

NFL Sunday Ticket Deals: Getting The Best Deal On DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket in 2015

NFL Sunday Ticket by DirecTV
As the new NFL season approaches there are many different options available to watch games with one of the best options undeniably being NFL Sunday Ticket offered by DirecTV. The NFL Sunday Ticket package gives you access to

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Guide to AT&T Corporate, Student, and Military Discounts

AT&T eligible wireless discounts
AT&T offers a wide range of discounts for students, military, and even corporate discounts for those who work for specific companies. These discounts are for AT&T Wireless which includes phones and plans. In some cases these discounts will also work for AT&T Uverse which includes cable, internet, and

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5 Best Tools For Price Tracking at Amazon and Beyond

Price Comparison Tools Guide
Many times just finding a few coupons and sales isn’t enough. On certain products, you simply don’t want to spend the price currently advertised so you wait it out hoping that next time you check it will be lower in price. There’s an entire suite of tools out there for price tracking that makes this process simple. No matter if you’re looking to buy the product on Amazon or other retailers, you can get alerts when the price drops to the level you want as well as discover historical pricing to see if the price you want could realistically happen.

We’ve checked out dozens of different price tracking tools to find the best tools currently out on the market. These tools are mostly web-based, but a few also have

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Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card Increases Sign-Up Bonus to 80k Points

For a limited time, when you sign up for the Marriott Rewards Premier credit card you can receive a bonus of up to 80k points. The previous signup bonus for this card was 70,000, so we’re not looking at a large increase, but the increase has a value of around $100, depending on how you claim the points. In order to receive the bonus you must sign up for the card before August 31st, 2015 and then spend a minimum of $3,000 on the card within the first 3 months. The three month period will start on the day the card is activated and you must spend the minimum amount within the first three billing statements. After the third billing statement you should receive your bonus if eligible.

Who Should Get The Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card?

Marriott Rewards Visa CardThis credit card is best for those who are loyal to the Marriott brand of hotels and resorts. It’s also good for those who are also frequent travelers and will use the card to book rental cars, airline tickets, and eat at restaurants. If you’re not a huge fan of Marriott hotels or you’re an infrequent traveler then you may be better off choosing another card, even with

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Up To $300 Off from Verizon Wireless with Trade In and Bill Credit

Verizon Trade In Bill Credit

During this summer trade-in promotion at Verizon, you can be eligible for up to $300 in Verizon Wireless bill credits and gift cards by trading in your old phone and activating a new Verizon Edge plan. In order to take advantage of this big discount on your new phone and wireless plans, you must first trade in an eligible phone in good working condition as noted on their website’s appraisal system. Next, you will have to purchase a new phone through the Verizon Edge buying option and then transfer your number from another carrier or start a new account. Once your new phone is activated the

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Sell Unused Hotel Rooms or Book For Cheap with Roomer


Finding a cheap hotel room seems to be an impossible task as now almost all major travel websites are booking from the same sources with only coupon codes to make a small difference. Roomer is changing the way you get big discounts on hotels by allowing you to book hotel rooms from travelers who have had to cancel their stays. Also it provides a marketplace to sell unused rooms if you have to cancel your trip for any reason at all. Look through our

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Amazon’s 4th of July Sale – Patio Furniture, Grills, TV’s and more

Amazon Sale

During Amazon’s 4th of July sale, you can find big discounts on everything from grills and TV’s to patio furniture, clothes, and gardening items. These sales and deals are mostly 4th of July themed with discounts of up to 20% off popular items for your big cookout such as grills, patio furniture, coolers, games, and even patriotic-themed clothing. Aside from these deals they also have around a dozen different deals on TV’s with huge discounts on top brands such as Samsung, LG, and Vizio. You can search through some of the featured deals below or go through the link at the bottom of the page to be taken to their 4th of July page where

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Deal: $200 Bill Credit at AT&T

AT&T Next $200 Bill Credit

AT&T has had numerous bill credits available for over a year now with the past $100 bill credit to now offering a $200 bill credit for new customers. This deal will give you $200 in account credits towards your bill once your account is in good standing for a few billing cycles. The amount will be automatically applied to your total unless

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65-Inch Samsung 4K TV Deal: $1,000 Off at Amazon

Samsung UN65JS8500 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2015 Model)
Amazon now has some of the best deals you can find online for TV’s. This deal is one of the best we’ve seen in awhile and it can save you an easy $1,000 off the original price. The deal is for a 65-inch Samsung 4K LED TV where you can take

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20% Off Fairmont San Francisco at Jetsetter

Fairmont Hotel San Francisco Jetsetter

Jetsetter has a new deal today for the Fairmont San Francisco hotel that beats just about any other nightly rate we’ve seen on this popular hotel. For a limited time, you can get 20% off your stay at the Fairmont San Francisco when you book through Jetsetter. This pushes the nightly rate down to a starting price of around $204 per night. In comparison, most other travel booking websites have the hotel at anywhere from $320 to $450 per night for the same rooms.

There’s no promo code as this is simply a sale like other sales on the Jetsetter website. There are some restrictions on the dates you can book and the sale will end on June 27th at midnight. Continue through the link below to find this deals and more deals at

continue to claim deal >>

25% Off Accessories at Sprint

Sprint accessories

Just in time for Fathers Day, Sprint is having a big sale on accessories with a promo code for 25% off all of the accessories within their online store. This means you can get 25% off items such as phone and tablet cases, charging cables, Bluetooth speakers, keyboards for your tablet and much more. In order to receive your discount, you must have an eligible accessory item in your cart at checkout and put in the

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Deals Roundup: Hotel Discounts, Father’s Day Coupons, and More cancun deals roundup Cancun Deal Featured In The Deals Roundup

In the lead up to Father’s Day we’re already seeing a lot of great sales on items for dads and men in general. Along with these deals we’ve also posted dozens of top deals for vacation packages as well as furniture and home decor. As you can see below, we have new featured deals available from top stores including Kohl’s, Hayneedle, Airbnb and more. Browse through the latest deals below to see what’s available in this week’s deals roundup. 10% Coupon For Hotels – is currently offering a coupon 10% off coupon for hotels booked through their website. They’re also offering another promo code that will give you a discount of up to $30 off vacation packages with a total of $300+. These deals both expire soon.

Kohl’s: $10 Off For Father’s Day – Kohl’s is currently offering a $10 off coupon for Father’s Day purchases when your total is $50 or more. This coupon should work for most gifts including men’s clothing, watches, accessories and more. You can find all of the eligible items within their special Father’s Day section.

Sprint: $100 Off Coupon – New customers signing up for a Sprint contract or eligible phone leasing with plan may be eligible for this $100 off coupon. The coupon should apply to your account after a few months of good standing. You can find more details on this offer along with a few new deals for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy through the link.

HomeAway: $25 Off Coupon For New Listings – If you’re listing your vacation home this summer through HomeAway then make sure you use this coupon to knock $25 off any new listing made on their website.

Hayneedle: Outdoor Furniture Sale – Hayneedle is currently running sales and clearance offers on outdoor furniture with savings of anywhere from 10% to 50% off select furniture. This includes entire patio sets to small chairs and other items.

Gap: 40% Off Coupon – During this sale, you can get a coupon code for the Gap that will give you 40% off if you’re a cardholder and 30% off for anyone else. This coupon is for any regularly priced item online.

Huckberry: $10 Off Your Order – On your first order you can claim our new exclusive deal to receive $10 off your order along with free shipping when you hit the required minimum.

Airbnb: $25 Off Your First Booking – When you use our code provided you will receive $25 off your first stay at one of the thousands of Airbnb rentals located at top destinations including New York City, Paris, Las Vegas and more.

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