Unlimited Data at AT&T with All-In-One Bundle Plan

AT&T Unlimited Plan Bundle

Unlimited data plans are back at AT&T for customers who are also DirecTV or AT&T uVerse customers in what they refer to as their All-In-One plans. The new unlimited data plan deal from AT&T allows you to get unlimited data for $100 per month with each additional line being $40 extra per month. On top of the access to an unlimited plan, you will also receive a $10 discount on your TV bill. As AT&T continues to integrate their purchase of DirecTV into their brand you can expect to see a lot more of these bundle deals. The unlimited plan works for all devices including phones, tablets, watches and more.

The pricing for the unlimited plan is $100 per month for one line. For one additional line, you will pay $40 per month extra. If you purchase four lines you will receive a bill credit to make your fourth line free. There’s no word on how long this promotion will last and what other fine-print it entails. You do have to be a customer of DirecTV or uVerse in order to sign up for the unlimited plan. You can sign up for their All-In-One plan from the start if you’re a new customer to get access to this deal as well as save with bundled wireless, internet and TV. These deals can also be combined with deals for switching from another wireless carrier which include bill credits and more. Continue through the link below to find more information on this offer from AT&T.

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