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AT&T has simplified their plans in recent years, but for most consumers this doesn’t always mean it’s easy to find the right plan for you. They have dozens of different options available as well as deals and bundles available. In this guide, we review and compare all of the best plans available including individual plans with nearly unlimited data to family plans through the mobile share plans and plans for tablets. Browse through our quick guide below to help you choose the right plan as well as hopefully save on your phones and plan in the process.

AT&T Mobile Share Plan Comparison

For 99% of customers starting a new plan with AT&T, you will want to opt for the Mobile Share plan. This plan groups all of your data together for all devices on the plan as well as gives you unlimited talk and text. Just like plans from other wireless carriers, it all comes down to how much data you use each month.

AT&T has plans that start at just $20 per month for 300MB but if you use any data at all you want to stay away from this plan as you data will be gone within the first few days. For an individual who uses an average amount of data, the sweet spot for you will be between their 2GB and 5GB plans which have a price of $30 and $50 per month. If you are bringing multiple devices to your Mobile Share plan or you’re using it as a family plan then you should probably opt for the 10GB plan which is available for $100 per month. The 10GB plan usually has a lot of promotions available compared to other plans. Any plans that have over 10 gigabytes per month are also eligible for unlimited talk and text to Canada and Mexico. Look through our quick comparison below as we give a review of each data option.

  • 2GB to 5GB (Best For Individuals) – If you’re an individual who uses an average amount of data to a lot of data you can probably get by with this plan. It’s best if you’re bringing just one device to this plan and not doing too much tethering, etc. You can get the 2GB for $30 per month and the 5GB plan for $50 per month.
  • 10GB Plan (Best for Family Plans or Up To 4 Users) – The 10GB plan is perfect for most families whom use an average amount of data each and connect no more than six total devices. The 10GB plan should give you enough data each month and hopefully some to roll over. If you have a lot of family members or other users of the plan who use a lot of data then you might want to go up one level to 20GB’s for no a whole lot more per month.
  • 25GB to 50GB (Best For Small Business) – For most customers, the 25GB to 50GB plans will be way too much data each month unless you’re using it as your sole source of internet and using it as a mobile hotspot in your home. This is why the 25GB and 50GB plans are probably best built for a small business where multiple consumers will be using the plan and consuming a lot of data throughout the day. You can get one of these plans starting at $175 and going clear up to $375 per month.

Deals for AT&T Wireless Plans

Finding deals for AT&T Wireless plans isn’t always easy. It’s rare that we find a big discount on a plan, but out of the major carriers AT&T is probably your best bet. We update this section regularly with any discounts available on plans along with deals for phones and tablets that are eligible to be added to a plan.

  • 50% More Data For Free – Sign up for a 10GB plan and AT&T will automatically upgrade you to 15GB per month with no coupon required. This is a limited time promotion and very rare to get this large of a data increase at no extra charge.
  • Up To $100 In Bill Credits – When you switch to AT&T from another wireless provider such as Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile, you are eligible to receive up to $100 in bill credits which can be applied to most purchases through their website.
  • Bundle with DirecTV and Save – If you’re also looking at signing up for DirecTV you can bundle your wireless services together to get some major savings. Find more information on these bundle deals for DirecTV and AT&T uVerse through the link.

Extras and Features of the AT&T Mobile Share Plan

Aside from just the data you’ll receive there are a few other perks and features that you need to know about. This includes things like rollover data along with the maximum numbers of devices that can share data and so on. We break down these extras you need to know about below which apply to all of the Mobile Share plans through AT&T Wireless.

  • Rollover Data – AT&T’s Rollover data simply takes your unused data for the previous month and moves it to the next month. You can only rollover the data from the previous month and the previous months data will disappear if unused within the next month. You can find more information on this program on their website.
  • Up To 10 Devices – Your mobile sharing plan is currently set to be used by anywhere from one to ten devices. This means you can connect any device to your plan including phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches and so on. You simply can’t go over ten connected devices at this point.
  • Access Charges For Each Device – When you add a smartphone, tablet or other device to your AT&T Mobile Share plan you will be charged a fee. These access charges can be anywhere from $10 per month for an iPad or connected wearable to up to $40 for a new phone on a 2-year agreement. If you’re adding a smartphone that uses AT&T Next then you will only be charged a $25 per month access charge.
  • Unlimited International Texting – A big complaint from customers is that once they travel outside of the United States they get hit with big charges for text messaging. AT&T now has unlimited international texting available to be added to a Mobile Share plan as low as $15 per month.
  • Unlimited Talk and Text – AT&T has unlimited talk and text on all of their plans for smartphones. This is pretty much the standard now for wireless carriers and these plans are no different.

AT&T’s Help Me Choose A Plan Feature

Like most of the other wireless carriers, AT&T has a tool to help you figure out which plan is right for you. This tool will ask you a few different questions about which devices and how many devices you’ll be bringing to the plan along with an estimation of how much data you use each month. Since data is the most important factor you should spend some extra time on that part of the equation as having too little or too much data can cost you big in the long-run. Try out the AT&T Plan Choosing Tool to help you get a deeper understanding of which plan is right for your unique situation.

Which Plan Is The Best?

Figuring out which plan is the best is a personal decision. Every individual, family, or small business will need a different plan depending on how much data you use and how you use your phones and tablets. Since AT&T also owns DirecTV now there are many more options to bundle other household services to get your wireless plans even cheap. The easiest advice we can give is that there is no best plan for any one person or family. If you’re purchasing as an individual then you should look between 2GB and 5GB, a family plan with average data is between 10GB and 20GB, and then a small business can be anywhere from 20GB clear up to 50GB’s depending on how much data. Feel free to leave your comments, questions, and reviews below. We will do our best to answer any questions you have about AT&T’s data plans.

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