AT&T Data Deal: 15 GB’s For Price of 10 GB’s

AT&T Data Plan Deal

AT&T has extended their popular data plan deal where they give you 15 GB’s of data for the price that you would regularly only get 10 gigabytes. This means that if you choose the promotional plan you will receive 15 gigabytes of data each month within your “Mobile Share Value Plan” for $100, which gives you some of the cheapest prices per gigabyte on data that AT&T offers. This level of data plan also upgrades you to free unlimited talk and text to both Mexico and Canada.

It’s rare that you see any type of deal on data, but this AT&T offer has been running for some time now and will give you a great price on monthly data when compared to it’s competitors. When you compare AT&T’s plans you see exactly how good of a deal you’re getting as the next lowest plan is data is $50 for 5 GB’s of data and the larger plan than this promotional plan will give you 20 GB’s for $140 per month. The 15 GB plan included in this deal should be plenty for a family of four who have a regular data consumption. In order to receive free data you’ll need to sign up for a new plan and follow any instructions on the AT&T Wireless website.

Along with this deal on data, you can also find combined promotions to receive a $100 bill credit when you switch to AT&T Next as well as other discounts on specific phones. When claiming your data deal, remember that there’s also a charge monthly for each phone on the data sharing plan along with any activation fees. This deal has been around for awhile now, but we’re not sure how long it will last. You can continue through the link below to find more information on this data discount.

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