Guide to AT&T Corporate, Student, and Military Discounts

AT&T eligible wireless discounts
AT&T offers a wide range of discounts for students, military, and even corporate discounts for those who work for specific companies. These discounts are for AT&T Wireless which includes phones and plans. In some cases these discounts will also work for AT&T Uverse which includes cable, internet, and home telephone. You will need to claim this discounts separately as this page is set up for wireless.

We’ve done our best to compile all of the discounts in one place to hopefully make it easier to find the discounts you’re looking for. You can then simply click the link to be taken to that specific page on the AT&T website to claim your discount. Some discounts may have to be confirmed using military ID, corporate email address, student email address and so on. We do our best to keep an accurate and updated list of discounts, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy or validity of these discounts. To check your specific discount go to the AT&T website here and do a quick search.

(tip: Use CTRL+F and then type in the name of your organization for quick searching)

List of AT&T Corporate Discounts:

List of AT&T Wireless Student Discounts

You must have a student email address from your college or university in order to activate the discount.

AT&T Military and Government Discounts

These military and government discounts require a government email address and/or a military/government ID.

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3 Responses to “Guide to AT&T Corporate, Student, and Military Discounts”

  • WalletHero Staff August 6, 201510:38 pm

    If you know of any other employee discounts available then leave them in the comments and we will update the discounts list once we can verify. Also if you have any questions about employee discounts you can leave them here and we will do our best to find out an answer about your specific discount.

  • WalletHero Staff September 8, 20151:30 pm

    We are still in the process of updating our section for education discounts. This includes a large list of schools and universities where the teachers receive discounts as well as students in some cases. If you’re looking for just student discounts then check out our student discount page specific to AT&T and AT&T Wireless.

  • Other February 18, 20178:34 pm

    Aetna has a 10% discount.


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