What Is Amazon Prime? Your Guide To Amazon Prime

Guide To Amazon Prime

Amazon is one of the most popular stores online. No matter if you’re looking for a new HDTV, laptop, food, or t-shirt you can find it on Amazon. Since so many people buy so much stuff from the store the option of Amazon Prime has become insanely popular. Amazon Prime is a membership service from Amazon that gives you free 2-day shipping on thousands of items on their website along with free streaming of movies/tv shows and free Kindle book rentals.

In this guide to Amazon Prime we will break down every aspect of the program to help you make the right choice. We will look at the potential savings of free shipping to other services you will receive as part of your membership. Look through all of the sections of our guide below to help you better understand Amazon Prime and what all it has to offer.

How Much Does it Cost?
Amazon Prime has one simple price for everyone who signs up that’s not a part of the student program. The price of Amazon Prime is $79 per year. This covers everything that’s included and discussed in this guide. Each year you simply renew your membership at the advertised rate to keep access to your free shipping, instant video, and other perks such as Kindle book renting.

Can I Get A Free Trial For Amazon Prime?
Just like many other services there is a free trial available to help you figure out if the service is right for you. The free trial is a 30-day trial that gives you full access to everything they offer for paying customers. Also note that once the thirty days are up your credit card will be charged for the full year. So if you’re not satisfied with the service be sure to cancel your membership before you hit 30 days.

Amazon Prime Student
Students have an advantage over everyone else in getting Amazon Prime. Students who are currently enrolled at a university or other eligible school can get Amazon Prime free for 6 months or chose to just get 50% off the regular price.

When choosing the six months free option this gives you a modified version of Amazon Prime that includes the shipping and Kindle book rentals but does not include streaming videos from Amazon Prime Instant. If you chose the 50% off student discount you will have the complete service just like anyone else. So if you’re wanting the video streaming you will need to sign up for the 50% off discount instead of six months free. The 50% off discount knocks the total price down to just $39 per year.

Be aware that in order to get the student discount you must sign up or verify a .edu email address given by your school. They also want basic information such as your major, graduation date, and school name.

Amazon Prime Instant Movies and TV
Amazon Instant Video
Along with the free shipping and other perks you also get access to thousands of movies, TV shows, and documentaries to stream instantly. Prime Instant is a video streaming service similar to Netflix or Hulu that gives you instant access to shows that range from popular movies and TV shows like 24 and No Reservations to kids shows like Dora The Explorer. They have a wide variety of programming that’s available to stream free with your Amazon Prime membership.

In order to stream the movies and shows you need a compatible device. There’s a large list of compatible devices on the Amazon page but the popular devices including the Roku, Apple TV, PS3, Xbox 360, Vizio Smart TV’s, and Kindle Fire. You of course must also have an internet connection for the streaming.

Free Kindle Books
Amazon Kindle Books
As part of your membership you can also get access to thousands of Kindle books for free. These books are free to rent on your Kindle device with a certain number of books available each month. You can only have one book out at a time. The Kindle book rental page has more details on the specifics of the program.

Can I Cancel My Amazon Prime Membership?
If you decide that the membership isn’t for you then you do have the option of cancelling. If you’re in the middle of a free trial all you need to do is go into your account and cancel. If you’re a paying member you can get a full refund if you haven’t yet purchased a product with Amazon Prime eligible shipping. If you’ve already purchased a product and received the free shipping from Prime then you are not eligible for any type of refund.

Is Amazon Prime Worth The Money?
The big question we hear regularly is if Amazon Prime is worth the $79 per year. The answer is much more complex than just a simple yes or no. There are varying opinions on whether it’s worth it. For the average Amazon shopper who makes a purchase or two a year then the shipping offer may not be saving you any money. For the avid Amazon shopper you’re are missing out on a lot of savings. The reason it’s also a complex answer is because you also receive free movie streaming that comes out to a monthly charge much cheaper than Netflix if you count the entire yearly fee by itself.

The decision to sign up for Amazon Prime is yours alone. We highly recommend it for those who are regular shoppers on Amazon. We also recommend it for those who shop at Amazon a few times a year and will also take advantage of the free video streaming or Kindle book rentals. If you only shop at Amazon once or twice a year and don’t plan on using the video streaming then this membership offer isn’t for you. For the vast majority of regular Amazon shoppers, the combination of free shipping and access to thousands of free streaming movies and TV shows makes it a must-have.

Extra: If you’re still on the fence about Amazon Prime then check out our Amazon Prime discounts page to find any available free trials and discounts available.

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