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Quickbooks Comparison Alternatives
Quickbooks is one of the most well-known accounting software options for everything from self-employed and small business up to medium-sized businesses. Quickbooks is used by millions, but there are also numerous competitors that may be a better option for those needing specific features or for those who are cash-strapped and need a lower-priced option. We break down some of the best alternatives to Quickbooks in this guide to help you figure out what is out there and if those alternatives are right for your business.

We break down the major competitors along with lesser known options that even include a free alternative. You can find numerous alternatives below with a quick guide to each to give you more insight along with links to their website and pricing. Browse through our alternatives to Quickbooks guide below and feel free to leave comments, questions, or reviews at the end.

Xero – Quickbooks Biggest Rival

XeroXero, as of right now, is the largest direct competitor to Quickbooks accounting software. They have many of the same features within their cloud accounting system such as basic accounting options, invoicing, and integrations. Some places where Xero excels over Quickbooks Online is their integrations as they have over 500 different integrations available as well as multi-currency accounting included. These are two things that won’t make a huge difference for most, but there are some customers who this will make running their business much easier. Xero is also slightly cheaper than Quickbooks with the basic plan starting at just $6 per month for the first six months whereas Quickbooks lowest level plan is starting at $9 per month. In our opinion and many other users, this is currently the best alternative for a complete online accounting alternative to Quickbooks. You can check out our Xero review by following the link or you can find more information on deals and pricing by clicking the link below.

Visit Xero | View Pricing and Features

Freshbooks – The Billing and Invoicing Focused Alternative

Freshbooks Cloud AccountingIf you’re wanting a basic accounting option that’s easy to use and figure out then you may want to take a look at Freshbooks. The invoicing and accounting features are simple and take just minutes instead of hours to figure out. You may desire slightly more if you have a larger business or more complex accounting needs, but for those who are self-employed or running something like a startup with a few employees then this is an option to take a look at. Freshbooks does have much more of a billing and invoicing focus than accounting which is great for some businesses and not so great for others. As of right now, they’re slightly more expensive than comparable plans for Quickbooks, but they do offer a 30-day trial to check it out before committing to any of these plans.

Visit Freshbooks | View Pricing and Features

Zoho Books – An Option For Those Wanting An All-In-One

Zoho Books AccountingZoho Books is the accounting and bookkeeping offering from Zoho which has numerous other apps for keeping your business running smoothly. The base pricing is very similar to what you would see at Quickbooks Online, but once you add in the extra costs for things like auto-scans, etc that Quickbooks offers for free then this is usually a more expensive alternative. They do have unlimited users on their largest plan (Professional) and they do offer large discounts if you purchase yearly. Zoho Books is best, in our opinion, for those looking to use the other software Zoho provides and bundle it all in one.

Visit Zoho | View Pricing and Features

Wave Accounting – The Free Alternative

Wave Accounting Free AlternativeWave accounting is one of the “free” alternatives to Quickbooks. Wave App offers basic accounting and invoicing with no monthly charge. They do this by a combination of non-intrusive advertisements within their software along with offering deals from partners and also having add-ons such as payroll and credit card processing at an extra charge. Wave isn’t going to have all of the bells and whistles that Quickbooks has and many companies need, but it’s a solid free alternative for those needing the very basics to keep track of things and look professional.

Visit Wave | View Pricing and Features

Are These Alternatives Better Than Quickbooks?

When choosing accounting software for your business there are numerous features and things to take into consideration. Quickbooks is one of the largest accounting options for good reason as they do provide a quality product backed by a major company. For many small and medium-size businesses, Quickbooks Online will be a perfect fit. There will also be numerous other businesses who find that Xero or Freshbooks is much easier to use, fits their businesses needs, or the price is simply better for their exact situation. If you’ve already tried Quickbooks and want something different then take advantage of the free trials available from almost all of the alternatives we’ve featured before deciding on which is right for you. Leave questions, comments, and your own reviews of these alternatives below.

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