Up To $650 Per Line To Switch To AT&T

AT&T $650 To Switch

AT&T has yet another deal to switch over from other carriers with this time giving up to $650 per line. This promotion to switch is the largest credit amount we’ve seen given by AT&T so far as the carrier battles heat up even more.

In order to get up to $650 per line, you must switch from another wireless provider (Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc). You will next need to open up new lines, purchase new devices, and then trade-in your old phone. The total amount you receive per line will depend on the phone you’re trading in. You will be notified how much exactly you’ll be given in credits per line before you checkout in order to know how much you’re receiving per line as well as early termination fees. The phones must be financed through AT&T Next.

Along with the $650 to switch offer, AT&T is offering a deal that you can combine with this promotion to receive one phone free when you purchase the other at regular price. Continue through the link below to find all of the information and fine print associated with this offer to switch. No word on when this deal expires.

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2 Responses to “Up To $650 Per Line To Switch To AT&T”

  • Ramon lara May 23, 20169:52 am

    Do u sale tablets??

    • WalletHero Staff June 1, 201611:20 am

      We have deals on tablets from places such as AT&T on our website. If you’re referring to AT&T, yes they do sell tablets of all kinds including the iPad. They have tablets that also come with data plans. This offer seems to be good for anyone bringing over a new line to AT&T from another wireless provider such as Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, or Sprint. You can continue through the link provided in the article to see what other deals are currently available.


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